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Unit 7

I found unit 7 quiet interesting to read but very difficult to post about for some reason. Perhaps my views aren’t fully formed on the subject yet – but im just going to try to write on some of the reflection questions from the task.

1 – I think educators have a huge responsibility in addressing the issues that arise with new technology. As the younger generations tend to be the first to embrace new technologies this means schools/educators are on the front line. I especially found the blog post to be very enlightening and i wholeheartedly agree with the premise. I think it would be better to teach children how to safely interact with Facebook and the Web rather than simply blocking it from school networks and burying our heads in the sand.

St Pauls has been trying to address this problem – yes facebook is still blocked on our School servers but we also teach kids about the permanence of posting something on the web (or via text for the matter) and the dangers of online grooming for example. There have been one or two Facebook related incidents in the school already this year that has really brought this issue to the forefront of our minds.

Just a note on that – I personally have found some of the videos offered on ThinkUKnow to be really great to play to some of the older kids. They have very powerful messages/images.

In relation to Schools being able to keep up with the changing nature of student technology usage, im not so sure. Schools may sometimes be lumbering behind the students. Bibliographies often seem to feature more ‘Google’ these days than anything else. I would like to see a winder range of resourses being encouraged again, I know teaching Students how to research online is very important – but not at the cost of forgetting to teach them how to look up a topic using Dewey.

Online research has also lead to plagiarism problems too. Some schools use programs such as TurnItIn to scan for web plagiarism, and perhaps we need to be looking at making this compulsory in schools or something similar.