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Units 3 and 4

Continuing to Power through on my catch up today!
I am unable to do much of week 3’s activities whilst at work as Twitter and Facebook are blocked on our network. This doesnt stress me too much though as i already have a facebook and Skype account and use both regularly.
Facebook use is….*shamefully* daily , and i find Skype a glorious way to stay in touch when overseas. (Though i did struggle using it in the middle east…its blocked there in case you ever needed to know)
I have never really seen the point of twitter but i will sign up at home tonight. Perhaps ive been missing out this whole time!
Skipping ahead to unit 4 then; I installed Diigo (i keep pronouncing Diego in my head) and have had a quick flick through the groups we were advised to follow. I particularly like SLAV. Im not quite sure how i will use Diigo yet, but Susan (the teacher librarian from St Pauls) has created a group for the two of us – so we will see how sharing information this way works out for us. Diigo does seem a little counterintuitive to use though. But perhaps all i need is practice,
I’ve been a long time user of ‘Addthis’ so that was nice and familiar, i also had a browse through Instapaper but have (again) been a long time fan of this, though i do prefer the ipad app ‘Zite’ because i find reading easier on the Ipad.