Units 3 and 4

Continuing to Power through on my catch up today!
I am unable to do much of week 3’s activities whilst at work as Twitter and Facebook are blocked on our network. This doesnt stress me too much though as i already have a facebook and Skype account and use both regularly.
Facebook use is….*shamefully* daily , and i find Skype a glorious way to stay in touch when overseas. (Though i did struggle using it in the middle east…its blocked there in case you ever needed to know)
I have never really seen the point of twitter but i will sign up at home tonight. Perhaps ive been missing out this whole time!
Skipping ahead to unit 4 then; I installed Diigo (i keep pronouncing Diego in my head) and have had a quick flick through the groups we were advised to follow. I particularly like SLAV. Im not quite sure how i will use Diigo yet, but Susan (the teacher librarian from St Pauls) has created a group for the two of us – so we will see how sharing information this way works out for us. Diigo does seem a little counterintuitive to use though. But perhaps all i need is practice,
I’ve been a long time user of ‘Addthis’ so that was nice and familiar, i also had a browse through Instapaper but have (again) been a long time fan of this, though i do prefer the ipad app ‘Zite’ because i find reading easier on the Ipad.


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  1. Slowly some schools are unblocking sites such as Skype and the possibilities are exciting! Virtual author visits (or other professionals), collaborative projects with remote or overseas groups are just a few examples. Social bookmarking sites can also be a great tool for sharing reliable websites for specific projects with student groups. I’m not sure which LMS you use but we’re considering including links to resource lists on our LMS (part-time high school TL here).
    Cathy (for the PLN team)

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