Unit 5

So Unit 5’s task includes writing our opinions on an article released in 2010 by the OECD titled ‘The Top Five Actions to take in Education Today.

Well firstly lets list the points;

  • Teach to think, not to regurgitate.
  • Commit to education as a public good and a public responsibility.
  • Focus more on creating a long-term love of learning and the ability to think critically than teaching to standardised tests.
  • Ensure all children have the opportunity to discover their natural abilities and develop them.
  • Ensure that children from disadvantaged background and migrant families have the same opportunity to quality education as others.

Now, im not exactly a teacher, just a library technician so im not sure how valid/valued my ideas on these would be. I do agree with all the points – especially point 3. I think a long term love of learning is a far better outcome then just having the ability to answer test questions well. And i think just simply ‘testing’ children rather than fostering abilities places far too much pressure on them.

As for my opinion on the place if technology in the schoolroom – i think it is a welcome addition! Please note i said addition and not ‘replacement’; sometimes i fear people get these two words confused.

I think technology is very beneficial to the classroom- it can make learning fun and can help children who may not learn in a traditional way. However i don’t think technology can replace teachers or books. It should simply be aid them.

For example – we are currently doing Poe’s work with year sixes. The teacher is reading The Raven aloud to the class (reading quite poetically, setting the mood, pausing in the correct places, adding rhythm to the story) while they follow along reading it in Ibooks on the Ipad. If they come to a word they dont understand they can simply select the word and use the dictionary function.

Together the teacher and the Ipad can help the student better understand the poem better than they would individually.



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  1. Agreed! people often think new technology will somehow replace the need for quality teaching and learning experiences. But it simply isn’t the case. (the introduction of TV was another excellent example of that!)
    As far as your opinion regarding technology and education being worth something – it very definitely is! Library Techs are face-to-face with so many of the students and can really set a tone in the library. A person with a life-long learning approach and a vision for how technology can enhance will assist students in a way that’s evident in every interaction and support the changes that are taking place in educational settings today.
    all the best,
    Cathy (for the PLN team)

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