First entry (rather late)

My name is Bec and i am a library technician at St Pauls Anglican Grammar school Traralgon (K-10).
I don’t exactly have a long history as en educator, I’m a member of generation Y and have worked as a library technician for Monash University and started working full time for St Pauls this year.
I am enjoying the challenges presented by working K-10,  Its a world away from working an a University.

What can i tell you about Me? I love reading, Movies, English humor and my Pug called Everad (Evvy for short). I find Alexandre Dumas  ponderous Douglas Adams witty and Terry Pratchett to be a god. I believe Samuel Johnson clearly had too much time on his hands and that Robert Jordan illustrates the necessity of either writing faster, dying slower or investing in a tape recorder…

I think I’m quite comfortable with using Web 2.0, though i don’t really think about it too much Ive grown up with these sort of tools as commonplace and have integrated them into my everyday life. Social Media plays a daily role and is instrumental in connecting with my friends and organising any sort of function,  I can’t go on a road trip without mapping it out first on the web and sharing it wirelessly with anyone else tagging along. I have used Blogs previously to share and comment on work, and read RSS feeds on my Ipad.
However having a quick read through the PLN up to week 9, i do see a couple of sites mentioned that i haven’t used before and i look forward to expanding my knowledge.
My current Learning Network consists of Susan (the teacher Librarian at St Pauls) and the lovely Librarians at out Warragul Campus. I also currently work for Monash University and provide some tech support for a local company. All of these workplaces challenge and encourage me.
My goal this year is to fully settle into my new role here at StPauls and expand my knowledge exponentially to become a better Library technician.


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  1. Welcome! Better late than never and it looks like you won’t have too much trouble catching up. Good luck with it all and please feel free to read and comment on some of the other participants’ blogs, we have a list of them on our blog here: — it’s a great way to continue to expand your PLN.
    All the best,
    Cathy (for the PLN team)

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